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Facial Recognition Systems Designer/DeveloperDownload Description



There is a job opportunity in the New York, New York area seeking talented and professional candidates for the "Facial Recognition Systems Designer / Developer" position. Candidates for this position should be aware that they will be responsible for implementing new features, maintaining existing software and hardware for a wide range of products used internally and externally. You will be a good fit for this position if you have a developed mindset and the ability to work both independently and in a team.


Position duties:

Design and develop facial recognition software and hardware for installation.

Maintain and service facial recognition software and hardware systems.

Design biometric algorithms for multiple modalities, utilizing identity attributes.

Conduct analytic production on full range of unique identifying human characteristics and modalities.

Architect, deploy, scale, and operate the software and hardware infrastructure.

Perform life cycle planning and integration utilizing system engineering techniques.

Design and implement integration and testing.

Design distributed and scalable systems.



Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems or Computer Engineering

Minimum of 5 years of experience

Knowledge of GPU optimization or parallel processing

Knowledge of VMWare v Center, vSphere, and ESX virtual computing methods

Knowledge of data storage, NAS and SAN technologies and solutions and Linux Operating Systems


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Date:                             08/01/2022


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