About Us

Excel Security is an internationally respected provider of security services.

Our company’s foundation is based on the knowledge, expertise, and vision of Sanford D. Garelik. Sanford entered the NYPD in the legendary police class of 1940 and quickly rose through the NYPD, becoming the youngest Captain and Chief in the history of the Department.

Sanford served as Chief of the New York City Police Department, President of the New York City Council and Chief of the New York City Transit Police Department.

He is considered a true revolutionary during his six decades in law enforcement. Sandy pioneered numerous innovations and reforms that helped to create modern police, law enforcement and intelligence practices. This foundation continues to be reinforced and expanded today as our unique and not readily available leadership team is drawn from Municipal, State and Federal Law enforcement and technology sectors.

In 1992, Sanford was joined by his son, Neal, as they expanded into the private sector to pursue their vision for a fully integrated security services firm. The Company goal is to provide effective security solutions with the highest level of service, in the most cost-effective manner.

​Today, Excel provides consulting, executive protection, guard, electronic systems installation, Command Center Monitoring, Biometric Facial Identification, and investigative services throughout the world. With a long history of dedicated service protecting people and property, Excel's executive management team consists of highly effective individuals with accomplished backgrounds in all aspects of security. With unparalleled expertise and experience in risk mitigation, crisis management, and counterterrorism, Excel Security provides strategic security solutions for governments, corporations, institutions, and individuals around the world. Today, Excel employs more than 750 people and secures in excess of 30 million square feet of space in the Tri-State region. Excel’s distinct advantage resides in the fact that we are a full-service security provider combining both personnel services and technology. Our Command Center offers a unique advantage from which we can effectively monitor all of the people and facilities we are contracted to protect.

Who We Serve

Excel Security provides services to a variety of verticals.
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Finance & Data Centers
  • Federal, State & Local Government
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We have extensive experience providing security patrol services for assets and facilities throughout NYC and unmatched professional and personal relationships with various federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies.

Our office is comprised of a professional corporate structure designed to emphasize continuity of ownership, management, and security personnel – Excel will remain an independent, family-owned organization.

Our security technology division consists of professionals trained in the latest electronic systems including video cameras, access control, facial recognition, and security alarm technology, all manned in our Security Command Center, staffed 24/7 by former law enforcement personnel, that augment uniformed guard patrol services with the latest security technology to enhance overall security for the property. The Security Command Center monitors and supports security personnel at the properties, at all times, providing valuable supervision of on-site personnel while simultaneously offering the ability to see the entire property – enhancing the security while providing valuable video analytics reporting.

Our security personnel communicate with retired law enforcement staff at the Command Center requesting assistance with any situation. Marked Security Patrol Vehicles, with field supervisors, are in the field, 24/7, available for a response to any property to assist on site personnel. We have the highest level of training and field supervision in the industry – you will see an Excel field supervisor at each site, every day. Canine Patrol service available for exterior patrols of each property.